Research Paper On Oedipus The King

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Oedipus was a great king to his city. He was devoted to helping find a cure from the people, he was a family man and he always stuck to the rules. All these great qualities about Oedipus, and yet he was still very flawed. Oedipus was very stubborn and hard headed, he mostly never listened to anyones opinion and believed he was always right. He was also prideful and had a temper. All of these qualities get the best of him as the play goes on. When Teiresias, the blind prophet comes to tell him his fate, Oedipus is appalled and does not believe a word, “The truth is strong, but not your truth. You have no truth. You’re blind. Blind in your eyes. Blind in your ears. Blind in your mind” (Sophocles 40). The King does not react well when the phropect

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