Research Paper On Paring Knife

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Picking the best paring knife
Kitchen knives come in a wide variety of styles and types and all of them have their specific uses. However, there are certain types of knives that any cook cannot survive without and a paring knife is among them.
A paring knife is a small, lightweight knife that you will pick for most jobs during the preparation of meals. It is ideal for slicing, chopping, trimming and peeling of fruits and vegetables.
Besides, it is also helpful when it comes to jobs such as deveining prawns since a cooks knife is quite large.
Types of paring knives
Paring knives are available in different lengths ranging from 2 and 3 ¼ inches for the bird beak knife to 4 ½ inches almost to the size of a utility knife. However, the majority has a blade length ranging from three to four inches. …show more content…

The general ones are:
1. Bird’s beak- It is also referred as a tourne or trimming knife. This kind of a paring knife has a concave shape and looks like a sickle. It can be used for peeling, trimming and several other tasks in the kitchen.
2. European- It looks like a small chef’s knife due to its curved belly and a pointed edge. Nevertheless, you may also come across European paring knives with a full riveted tang. The length of the blade is between 3 to 4 inches.
3. Classic paring knives- Some people know them as “spear tip.” Their blade has a small belly, similar to that of a chef’s knife
4. Western-style Japanese- You may confuse it with a classic paring knife, though the curve in its belly is not that much distinct.
5. Sheep’s foot (flat) paring knife- This type of paring knives appears like a flat blade with a rounded spine close to the

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