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Rosa Parks The Woman Who Changed a Nation Rosa Parks was tired and very weary after her long day at work on December 1, 1955, when she didn’t give up her seat to a white man. At least this is how you hear how the event went down time after time again. But there is a misconception that does not do justice for what Rosa stood up for that day and what came after. Rosa was tired after work of course, but not more than usual. In a different case if the person actually needed a front seat she would have removed herself. But on this day Rosa had almost had enough of how her and other blacks were being treated. Everyday they went through racism, segregation and more. Rose wrote a book called ‘Quiet Strength’ and two quotes that Rosa wrote stood …show more content…

The rest of Parks’ story is American history…her arrest and trial, a 381-day Montgomery bus boycott, and, finally, the Supreme Court’s ruling in November 1956 that segregation on transportation is unconstitutional. As the bus boycott continues the bus company slowly starts to lose money. Even though almost 75 percent of the bus riders were African Americans, the bus company kept their segregation laws. Some of the executives thought that most of the Africans were poor and couldn’t afford to miss work. But to their surprise the days were turning into weeks, the African Americans had found a way around the bus. With time the bus company had to short the number of buses they sent out into the city, the price for a ride also went up. Even shop owners were losing money since the protesters are shopping closer to home the downtown shops are going out of business. As the boycott went on some of the white people of Montgomery began to harass and cause confliction with the protesters. Even though they had attacks coming at them they remained calm. They did not fight back, yet they stayed behind the word of Dr. King, who they were following and used nonviolent tactics instead. But Parks’ personal history has been lost in the retelling. Before being arrested Parks’ had a frim and quiet strength to change things that were unjust. Rosa served as a secretary for the NAACP and later advisor to the Youth Council of the NAACP, and tried to register to vote even when it

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