Research Paper On Shoso Hirai

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Shoso Hirai was 16 years old in 1945. He went to Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial School. He lived with his family, which included his parents and younger brother. They lived near Yokogawa Station. His older sister was married and lived someplace else. He also had three older brothers that were all stationed in war zones in China. On August 6, 1945, Shoso was visiting a friend who lived in Nagatsuka. His friends house was 2.5 miles away from the hypocenter. Right when he touched the door to enter his friends house he hears a loud “Boom”. Hosho was knocked out, when he woke up he found that he was covered in dirt, and that his friends house was half destroyed. He assumed that the nearby primary school had been bombed. Fortunately Shoso was
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