Research Paper On The Scottsboro Boys

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The Scottsboro Boys The Scottsboro boys were African American teenager that was 'falsely' accused of rape in Alabama in 1931. March 25th, 1931, a lot of people was hoboing on a freight train traveling between Chattanooga in Memphis, Tennessee. A fight began between the Caucasian and African American groups near Lookout Mountain tunnel. Several Caucasian teenagers jumped off the train and reported to the sheriff's that they had been attacked by a group of African American teenagers. At Paint Rock Alabama, the sheriff's stopped and searched the train, arresting the African American teenagers for assault. They also found two young Caucasian women who had accused the teens of rape. A doctor was called and soon examined the women for evidence of rape and for samples of semen. The nine African American teens ranging from ages 13-19 were charged with assault and rape. The National Guard had to be called to protect the jail from the lynch mob. Their trials were speedy before an all Caucasian standing audience. The judge and prosecutors sped the nine trials to avoid violence. The judge had ordered the Alabama bar to assist the defendants, but only one attorney volunteered. The judge had to persuade a Chattanooga real estate lawyer to assist the attorney, although he was not familiar with Alabama law, but I agree to aid the attorney. He presented both the testimony of his clients and the case of the women. At the trial of the first two African American boys, Dr. Bridges testified

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