Research Paper on Gregory Rasputin

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Grigori Rasputin was not a very great person in history. A great person in history does good and important things for his people, country and the world. Early Life and Family: Grigori Efimovich Rasputin was born on January 10, between 1864-1872, along the Tura River in the village of Pokrovskoye. Rasputin was married to Praskovia Fyodorovna in 1889. His mother was Anna Egrovna and his father was Efim Rasputin. Grigori had three children with Praskovia, named Varya, Maria and Dmitry. Because of his constant drunkenness and "sexual appetite," the people of Pokrovskoye resented Rasputin. He grew tired of peasant life and in 1901, left behind his family and home in Siberia as a pilgrim. During his travels, Rasputin visited …show more content…

The Tsarina, Alexandra, believed God spoke to her through Rasputin. This influence over the royal family gave Rasputin power over the church of Russia. Later, a woman named Khioniya Guseva attempted to murder Rasputin shouting she had ?killed the antichrist.? Rasputin would come to be known as the most popular and published monk in Russian history. Relations With The Royal Family and The Revolution: In St. Petersburg, Rasputin would meet Anna Vyrubova, one of Alexandra?s closest friends. Through Anna, Rasputin was summoned to heal Alexandra?s son Alexis, who was a hemophiliac, in 1905. Rasputin was able to cure Alexis? bleeding with his ?holy powers.? When Alexis fully recovered, Rasputin gained the trust of the Tsar and Tsarina. Because Alexis? hemophilia was so easily agitated, Rasputin was called multiple times to heal Alexis and through hypnosis, was able to heal him every time. Little did the Tsar and Tsarina know that Rasputin would ultimately lead to the downfall of the royal family. The Tsar saw Rasputin as a trustworthy friend to his family and himself. Unfortunately, WWI made its way to Russia in 1914, and Rasputin urged the Tsar not to go to war because he knew that innocent Russian blood would be spilt. Gossip spread throughout Russia like an epidemic, about Rasputin?s amount of power over the country and his debatable relationship with Alexandra. In his drunken state, Rasputin was recorded saying he had the tsar

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