Research Proposal And Introduction Of Publix

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Chapter 1: Research Proposal and Introduction
Section 1: Introduction to Publix Supermarket A supermarket, or grocery store is a place everyone visits at least weekly. People put their trust in the place they choose to shop. The company I choose to research is Publix Super Market Incorporated, otherwise known as Publix. They are known mainly for their outstanding customer service (Business, 2007). Publix prides themselves in, making every single store a pleasure to shop in. Their philosophy is in pleasing the customer, thus comes the saying, “Publix, where shopping is a pleasure” Publix is one of the 10th largest supermarkets chain in the country today. (Publix, 2016b)
The founding of Publix Supermarket. Publix’s humble beginning was
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For a while Publix was just centered in Florida, but in 1991 they had one of their biggest millstone and opened a Publix in Georgia (Publix, 2016c). In the year that followed they became well recognized for being a great company (Publix, 2016c). They had the honor to rank number ten in the 100 Best Companies to work in America, they also ranked in the top 30 in the Fortune 500 (Publix, 2016c). In 1993 a new Miami Division and distribution center was lunched. In the early 2000’s they introduced a Free Oral Antibiotics Program, to help the community, at this time the also had over $20 Billion in sales (Publix, 2016c). In 2008 Todd Jones became the president of the company, they also opened their 1000th story (Publix, 2016c). In 2015 Publix celebrated 85 years of serving their customers, also ranking again among the Best Companies in the industry. Also in 2015 Publix reached $32.4 billion in retail sales. (Publix, 2016c)
Company products. Publix is well known for their customer service and there well lite clean stores (Publix, 2016d). They also focus on offering quality products to their customer. This is the reason they take a great amount of time evaluating many new products each year (Publix, 2016d). In each store they have over 50,000 products. In 2012, Publix added around 11, 500 new products to better meet their different customer needs (Publix, 2016d). Products include fresh grocery products for produce, meat, deli, seafood,
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