Research Proposal On The Veil

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Research Proposal - Muslims and the Veil
Coming the 19th century, a new type of clothing made its way to the Muslim society, this being the veil. A veil is a piece of more or less transparent material, used to conceal a woman's face and head (“Veil”). After the acceptance of the veil into society, the initial use was to protect women and their modesty and virtue. However, as time went on, the veil became more of a tool for Muslims to express their cultural identity. There are multiple different types of veils, or hijabs, including the Khimar, Chador, Niqāb, and the Burqa (“What is the Hijab and Why do Women Wear it?”). Even though they are different, they all serve the same purpose of protecting women and their modesty and virtue.
The incorporation of the veil in Muslim society dates back to the 19th century, but has originally started in the middle east (“What is the Hijab and Why do Women Wear it?”). As a matter of fact, as religion and culture spread, so did the veil, eventually making its way to Southeast Asia. The veil started as a way of protection for women, to protect their modesty and virtue. Surprisingly, this belief goes back to the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, which said that women should be modest. Additionally, this was a universal message, that women should follow these standards (“Muhammad and Women.”).
The meaning of the veil has changed over time with politics, history, and its significance has never been static or monolithic (E. Sanders). Like
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