Resiliency Factors In College

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The term resilience to me is bouncing back from the challenges that kept knocking you down. It’s not how many times you fall, but the times you get back up and keep moving forward. The three resiliency factors that I’m currently focusing on is to maintain a hopeful outlook, engage in opportunities of self-discovery, and to accept changes as part of life. The first resiliency factor I am currently making progress on in my life is to maintain a hopeful outlook. I need to remember that when good things fall apart. It’s all just falling into place and leading me to something better. One example from my life is not performing well my freshman year of high school. I wasn’t motivated enough to do well in high school, until my counselor told me that if I didn’t take my studies seriously, then I would have to stay back while my friends move on to a whole other grade level while I deal with another year of freshman year and embarrassment to myself and family. After, …show more content…

I have to realize that life is not fair and there are some things in life that we don’t want to happen, but we have to accept it if we like it or not. Those are the things that will make you stronger and more complete. One example from my life is moving to a whole new state. I found myself without any friends or family near me. Life was moving faster than I was able to handle, moving to Oregon brought along loneliness, anxiety, and a dramatic change. Everything I have known in my whole life had changed in a very short time. I did my best to cope with the changes, but in the end I isolated myself even more from my surroundings and everyone around me. I’ve now accepted and embrace the changes in my life because I realized that the first step to being someone or getting somewhere in life is to face the challenges in front of you. Those challenges will help you grow and succeed in

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