Resistance Of Change And Change Management

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Resistance to Change
NASA had a firm hierarchy and this brought about a lot of resistance to change from people. NASA could have gotten more of the people involved in the changes. I find that by getting people involved and having some key people or champions to support the change, there is less resistance. People want to feel involved and a part of decisions, especially if it impacts them directly. When it comes to successful change management, get people involved earlier, which will contribute to greater buy in and acceptance. Keep in mind that this should not be the sole solution for employee resistance; successful change management is about understanding the true nature of the resistance.
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Change implementation entails identifying the structure as-is, present problems, current process and its resources as well as how resources are coupled to the system. Deep thought process needs to be undertaken to see the impact of replacing systems, process, and resources with another one. Furthermore, before that an analysis needs to be performed identifying the possible alternative and how that will address the issue and improve the overall mechanism (Creasey, 2014). However, these analyses were not performed in this NASA episode. The recommendation was just laid over. As mentioned in the case study, there was a lot of pressure on the contractors and staff by keeping current schedules instead of revising and reducing some of the pressure. This statement clearly states that the primary issue of (as-is issue) unrealistic flight schedules were retained, resulting in less focus on quality and heavy pressure on employees to perform. The managers still were the same and added outsourcing process, which became disastrous as they were not monitored and controlled enough. Did the change actually happen? The answer is a typical no. There was one more disaster, now Columbia shuttle. The Primary reason behind that is again unrealistic schedule planning, leading to low focus on quality and high pressure. Management did not encourage people to communicate about

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