Resistance To The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was a very tragic time in the 1930s. Many people were against the Nazis during that time. There were many different types of resistance during the Holocaust. Spiritual and cultural resistance were some of the types of resistance in the ghettos and in the camps. There was also armed resistance. Chiune Sugihara was one of the many people who were formed part of a form of a resistance and helped the Jews escape. He was a Japanese council, gave out transit visas for the Jews to escape, and saved about 3,500 Jewish live.
Chiune Sugihara was born on January 1, 1900, in Yaotsu, Gifu Prefecture. He died on July 31, 1986. When he was in high school, he was good at English and wanted to be an English teacher. As he got older, Sugihara …show more content…

Chiune Sugihara provided them for the refugees, because it was very hard for the refugees to find countries to provide these visas for them. Sugihara was a Japanese Career diplomat. In 1939, he was sent to Kovno (Kaunas), the capital of Lithuania back then, to serve as Japan’s council. As he was leaving, a Jewish refugee asked him for a transit visa. At first, he refused. He then asked the Japanese council for help and guidance, but was sure that they would probably not agree. Sugihara was very troubled by the refugee’s request, so he took matters into his own hands. He began issuing visas without having support or permission from his ministry. From the time before he had to close the consulate and the time he left Kaunas, he gave out approximately 3,500 visas. All thanks to Sugihara, many Jewish refugees were able to leave Europe and escape genocide. He even signed some transit visas on the railway station as he was leaving Lithuania.
Many young people don’t realize how much bad they’re doing to the world by just being bystanders. Being a bystander means being indifferent and that is just as bad as the ones doing the wrong.If we get informed, then we will be better off as people and we can be of help to our community and to our future world. Chiune saved a lot of Jews. We might not do anything physically like that, but we can help in many other ways. We can educate ourselves and others for this to never happen again. We

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