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Assignment 1 Respond to 2 of the Critical Thinking questions. Each answer should be at least a paragraph long. The essay I chose to respond to is Weight of the world, by Niranjana Iyer on page this essay Iyer expresses some of her struggles with beauty, cultures, and beliefs, she addressed these topics using personal narrative. The two critical thinking questions I chose to respond to are
1. Is beauty a cultural construction? What are some Physical characteristics admired in one culture but not the other? Can you think of another physical trait that Americans esteem that other cultures do not?
• Absolutely, beauty is a cultural construction, on another essay on page 46 title “My hips, My Caderas” by Alisa Valde, she recalls some the struggles she faced as a half White and Cuban woman with the fuller feature, having one race praise her features while the other criticized. In the African American community, the woman who is “well endowed” for lack of words are praise and admired for their physic. A woman like Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, and the most famous one off is Kim Kardashian, lately, they have been getting praised for their body figure and it’s about time, we
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In the essay Iyer in so many words express her dislike of globalizing of her city, in the United States there is a lot of pressure from society to look a certain way and anyone above a size us 12 is automatically considered overweight This generation has an obsession weights, what size is acceptable. the quote “Bollywood heroin had been supplanted by supermodels whose hipbones could shred lettuce” this quote to me summarizes her feeling, with the American influence in reshaping their standers of
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