Response Examples: Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring'

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Rachel Carson Silent Spring Response Examples Introduction: Rachel Carson was a scientist and author who took a topic which had hitherto been only of interest to fellow scientists and opened it up to the masses. During her lifetime, she took up many causes in support of wildlife and the protection of species and protecting the natural landscape from potential molestation from developers and others who would destroy indigenous habitats. Among her many missions was to make people aware of the hazards of certain chemicals on the environment, such as pesticides on vegetation as examined in her most famous work Silent Spring. Classical Liberalism and the degree to which individuals are "rational" "The earth's vegetation is part of a web of life in which there are intimate and essential relations between plants and animals. Sometimes we have no choice but to disturb these relationships, but we should do so thoughtfully, with full awareness that what we do may have consequences remote in time and place" (Carson 64). Collective Action Problem "It is not possible to add pesticides to water anywhere without threatening the purity of water everywhere. Seldom if ever does Nature operate in closed and separate compartments, and she has not done so in distributing the earth's water supply" (Carson 42). "For each of us, as for the robin in Michigan or the Salmon in the Miramachi, this is a problem of ecology, or interrelationships, of interdependence. We poison the caddis flies
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