Response Letter By Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Response Letter How long do we have to fight for our rights, for our living, or our belief? It is now 2015, and African-American still have less opportunities values than white or any minority and ethnic groups. We need to educate our youth, especially young African-American men, to be more responsible, more educated, and have more opportunities to become better leaders and to show respect for themselves and to other peoples. We need to, by all mean, to fix our black community from violence and death and return it to its former glory. To quote Martin Luther King. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”(“Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes at”) The judicial system is corrupted. And we, as a black community, have to fix this corruption once and for all. On August 9, of last year, an unarmed black man named Michael Brown was shot down by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Later that year a grand jury declared the officer “not guilty.” The decision outrage the Ferguson community so much that people turn to riots and looting for they amusement. The findings of the grand jury suggested that Brown was the aggressor in his encounter with Wilson and that the officer acted in self-defense. Yet, if you ask what Michael Brown may have done wrong in this situation, many will say that you are blaming the victim (Loury). This is unacceptable. We are showing a terrible example for our black youth from taking advantage of this man death by

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