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Jack Spicer writes affectionately about “ the Kid”. Maybe his hero, definitely not a role model by any moral standards, but just the same he meant something to a good number of people. Billy was almost of Robin Hood status, although I doubt any money taken from anywhere by his hand had ever ended up in the house of the poor. Rather the kid became an icon of the rebel in every man and the heart of every child. Spicer writes about the kid as I myself might write of a beloved fallen ancestor or fellow soldier. Could it be that being that being so endeared to a man who is a myth might allow one to become part of that myth, to share in its mystery. I myself have been told that I am a relative of the man who was Johnny Appleseed. I have never …show more content…
He not only came out on top he did it with style. I think the “style” was added by those like Spicer who create and mold the myth into a vision of who they would like to have been or have known.
Spicer writes about giving Billy a poem to “hide” in, Is it that the true colors of this man are being hidden from the reader by flowered words. Is this a way to portray a man in an un-objectionable light long enough for the reader to be won over by another’s portrait of their own personal myth.
“Let us fake out a frontier a poem somebody could hide in with a sheriff’s posse after him”

However many times “I choose” to be influenced by someone or something. I will always have the influence that is derived by my environment. No one can begin to understand the environment that belonged to Billy the Kid. In this light a west (Kids environment) is created that is just as much Imagination as it was Billy the kid . As I reflect on Spicers poem and think of what I know of Billy the Kid all I see is the spray paint that has been laid down by eight or nine generations of our ancestors.
“A painting
Which told me about the death of Billy the Kid.
Collage a binding together
Of the real
Which flat colors
Tell us what heroes
Really come by
No it is not a collage……”

It is definitely literary graffiti of colors hand picked to fit our mood of the time. If we need a scapegoat we paint a

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