Responsibility In Macbeth Essay

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Anytime something happens in the world, humanity always attempts to put the blame on just one person, but often there are other factors to consider. Even when an event might have started out as innocent, with the influence of other characters, that same moment in time can become corrupted. Which leads to the question of who ultimately has responsibility and is to blame for the murders and events throughout Macbeth? Macbeth, a Scottish general, receives a prophecy from three Weird Sisters that eventually he will be the King of Scotland. Shortly after, ambition dominates him and he is encouraged to action by his wife, so he murders King Duncan and takes the throne. Although in Macbeth the Weird Sisters and Lady Macbeth both exert some control over the events, Macbeth has the ultimate responsibility over the murders. The Weird Sisters, although not completely responsible, influence and initiate the start of events through Macbeth. Ultimately, the sisters act as the opening for the downfall of the story. As written in the article it states, “The witches bring dark thoughts into being and give flesh to the forbidden.. Companions of violence, the witches bring the realization of its effects into being” (Von Rumelin). This explains how the sisters give Macbeth a prophecy stating that one day he will become king, so his conscious immediately turns to making the words become a reality. Without the prophecy from the sisters, Macbeth would never have thought about becoming the king.

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