Restroom Observation Paper

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Public restrooms are a vital area for people to gather oneself and having restrooms that are well groomed can speak volumes about any program. Because it was Thanksgiving holiday didn’t stop custodians from doing the routine cleaning in the gyms and restrooms. Custodians employed by Arlington Independent School Distract hours are from 4pm-12am( Arlington ISD Custodian). What I realized each morning when I walked into the high school, all gyms, hallways, and restrooms were cleaned. With further research, I discovered how thorough custodians have to be. Arlington ISD custodians have the responsibilities of cleaning the restroom, gathering and emptying trash, clean gym floors by sweeping, mopping, clean windows and much more (Arlington ISD Custodian). My encounter with the restrooms wasn’t horrible however it wasn’t pleasant. During my observation, the women restroom stayed cleaned from 8:00 am until about 1:00 pm but after 1:00pm I started to become more aware of how toilet paper and paper…show more content…
The quality of the food was straightforward, meaning the concession stand supplied traditional goodies and refreshments to fulfill consumers also athlete’s needs. The variety of option choices sold at the concession stand was a good range of a mixture of drinks, food, candy and chips. Some good marketing tips the concession stand displayed that was beneficial was big the menu sign with all the food items and food cost. The food menu sign was sophisticated along with readable, which help save time when consumers know the price and the selection of food offers. The selection choices were well blended also a good combination for satisfaction. James Martin concession stand menu consisted of Pizza 1.75 Hot Dog 1.25 Hot Dog with Chili 2.00 Nachos 2.00 popcorn 50 cents Chips 50 cents Candy 75 cents Bottle sodas 1.00 Slushes 1.25 water 1.25 Cookies 50 cents Pickles 75 cents (Juan Seguin High
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