Retirement Crisis Research Paper

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Throughout much of history the U.S.’s economy has always experienced upward mobility. This deeply rooted cultural expectation of high living standards is starting to create an unrealistic demand for higher retirement income. In a 2012 poll conducted by National Institute on Retirement Security found 86% of Americans said the nation is facing a retirement crisis, of that number 74% said they are concerned with retirement security (National Institute on Retirement Security, n.d.). I would have to agree with the masses that we are facing a failed system if we don’t change now. A Gallup pole showed that most Americas belief that we are facing a failed system is predicated on two keen points policymakers do not understand the plight and they should give more attention to retirement issues. …show more content…

I think people are worried that have save enough money to retiree. The journal article The So-Called Retirement Crisis by Pete Swisher, stated that there are two crises, the real and the fake. Not having enough money in your 401k is a big concern but it is a fake crisis as stated by Swisher. Swisher go on to say the real crisis is fiscal and global. Simply put, we’ve promised ourselves more retirement benefits than we can afford (“The Retirement System Diaries, Chapter 1,” n.d.). The bottom line is that on this current trajectory the retirement income system will fail. However it is all preventable with creative retirement and

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