Revenge Is A Harmful Action Against A Person Or A Group

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Revenge is a harmful action against a person or a group. It is characterized as a form of justice, seeking or taking vengeance for oneself or another person by retaliating in response to a grievance. Within the short declaration "Of Revenge" by Francis Bacon he describes the self-destructive nature and the injustices that revenge brings about while detailing the benefits of forgiveness. While "He Becomes Deeply and Famously Drunk" by Brady Udall 's story explores the concept of revenge as Archie contemplates killing his father 's murderer until realizing the elderly man Calfred Pulsipher is not worth the effort and lets go of his anger. From the short story "Spanish Roulette" by Ed Vega the poet Sixto vows revenge against a local gang …show more content…

He appears as a “loudmouth juvenile delinquent with bad table manners” (Udall 533) having been so since his father’s death at the age of five. Archie yearns deeply to exact vengeance upon his father’s old friend, Calfred Pulsipher, who killed him in a drunken stupor (Udall). Most of the story is spent helping the reader identify with Archie- his every day, his companions, and his every thought- so that when he does

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