Is Revenge Justified

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Revenge “No trait is more justified than revenge in the right time and place.” -Meir Kahane People just use revenge just to get even without fully understanding the effects that their actions can hold. Revenge should be done with purpose and reason. It should not be done in the heat of the moment or spontaneously. The purpose of revenge should be thought about deeply and carefully. Revenge should always be the last resort; however, if necessary, revenge should be carried out. Revenge is unavoidable, and when done properly, it can benefit the greater good. The most common misconception about revenge is revenge is always negative, and it should not be done; however, this is not true. Revenge is simply avenging a wrongdoing. Revenge is a necessary evil, when used effectively and for the benefit of all, it can bring about positive outcomes. Revenge is an innate emotion that cannot simply be ignored. It is a fundamental concept that keeps our humanity and our society in order. Without revenge, people would walk around with bottled up emotions awaiting a victim, so they can release it on. People need to able to differentiate between positive and negative revenge. Positive revenge is done for the greater good of society. It is precisely calculated, and it acknowledges its long-term effects. It is done as a last resort, and it is done as the only means of self-defense. This revenge is called justice. Negative revenge is the opposite of positive revenge. It is selfish. It focuses

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