Review: 11 Sights You Have To See In Boston

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11 Sights You Have To See In Boston

For a fantastic look at American history, Boston is the city to go to. Everywhere you look in Boston, a piece of history is waiting to be discovered. This gorgeous old harbor town is a favorite amongst both American and international tourists, and its many iconic sports teams are also favorites all around the world. If you’re traveling to Boston, check out these 11 sights that you simply have to see on your trip to the city. 1. Freedom Trail The perfect self-led tour through the best historical sites in the city, the Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile (4 km) long route that takes visitors past 16 significant places. The Trail features museums, churches, meeting houses, and burying grounds along a red-painted …show more content…

The space was originally owned by William Blackstone, but was bought by a few Puritan colonists who wanted to use the land as a communal pasture for their livestock to graze. Over the years, the park played a role in the history of the United States as Redcoats made camp on it 1775, and celebratory fireworks were lit for the repeal of the Stamp Act and end of the Revolutionary War. Today, visitors can go for a leisurely stroll through the park while imagining all of the historical events that took place …show more content…

Pieces range from contemporary to ancient Egyptian, and visitors can enjoy the many exhibitions on display as well as educational programs. The museum dates back to 1876, when it was a much smaller institution located in Copley Square. The museum we have today is on Huntington Avenue, and sees over one million visitors pass through its halls every year.

8. New England Aquarium One of the top visitor attractions in Boston, the New England Aquarium is both a major educational resource center, and a global leader in marine exploration and conservation. The Aquarium is located on the water’s edge near Boston Harbor, and down the street from Faneuil Hall. Visitors can delight in seeing thousands of aquatic animals, ranging from penguins to seals. Don’t miss the Giant Ocean Tank, a four-story coral reef that showcases hundreds of stunning Caribbean creatures.

9. Old State House Located at the intersection of Washington and State Streets, the Old State House easily stands out as a historical piece of beauty amongst the taller, more modern buildings surrounding it. The House, which was built in 1713, was once the center for all things happening in Boston, including the American Revolution. The House was the site of the 1770 Boston Massacre, and today serves as a museum for Boston

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