Review Of Francis Lewis High School

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The Reflection I went to Francis Lewis High school in Queens. It is the most diverse area in the world. People’s come from different parts of world. A great educational system should consist of diversity, well prepared and trained teachers, and getting rid of the standardized tests. I believe that the teachers should be prepared to teach and lead a classroom full of curious students who are striving to learn and later use the knowledge in the future. The school should also be filled with diverse people. We should also get rid of the standardized testing to determine who we are. The fact that my school was diverse was a gift. I met all sorts of people from different races, religion and even sexualities. Everyone there respected each other 's ethnicities and each of us are creative with different ideas from our culture. With diversity we can feel comfortable working with different people and have connections with them. If the schools weren’t diverse, the minorities would have a hard time fitting in and getting involved with the school. If the classroom wasn’t diverse, how could we learn from other people’s cultures and point of view. My friends introduced me to their culture and I honestly had the best experience of my life. I got to learn different dishes such as Shchi, a Russian dish, and dimsum, from Chinese’s style buffet. I started to learn and notice different race and learned to appreciate their culture. Diversity can also causes problems. Katherine W. Philippis

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