Review Of Literature : Character Education Essay

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Review of Literature Character Education All societies in the world have benchmarks for what it means to be a good citizen. Moral behavior and doing the right thing is not just a Christian principle, it is the cornerstone for most societies on the planet. “Character is an acquired human quality derived from learned practices that achieve intrinsic outcomes, devoid of external rewards (Marshall with Caldwell & Foster, 2011). Being of good character requires doing the right thing, even when no one is looking and without be rewarded. There is no society that rewards laziness. Treating people with respect and dignity is an idea that dates back long before the birth of Jesus Christ. “The word character comes from a Greek word, which means to engrave” (Wilhelm with Firmin, 2008). When something is engraved the cut is difficult to fill. When one has positive character traits engraved in their personality, they are prepared to contribute to society. Citizens need to be responsible because without responsibility and accountability all societies will be in a constant state of chaos. Without loyalty people do not have a framework of living a life that is bigger than oneself. Stories of the importance of telling the truth are told in virtually every language on the planet. If people did not possess courage, no one would take risks for fear of failure. For every invention that has changed the world, there were countless failures before the inventor found success. Being

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