Review Of Literature : From Criminal Minds

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Review of Literature
From Criminal Minds to CSI, we have all watched the criminal investigation shows on television and loved watching gorgeous actors play scientists, who in the real scientific world would have no clue as to what they’re doing but surly we have all been curious, “How do they make blood light up?”. The whole idea of forensic science has always interested people and that is what keeps those television shows running. The key to getting and creating any chemical reaction that glows is just a few chemicals at the right temperature and a few simple substances thatcan transform a simple concoction into an eerie looking splotch of blood or human fluid. Chemiluminescence is the generation of light through a chemical reaction and it can be emitted or seen in ultraviolet, visible or infrared lights. Chemiluminescence is common and even found in objects that we don’t really think have a lot of science behind them. For example, glow sticks are an example of Chemiluminescence “When the two chemicals[in the glow stick]meet, the electrons in a glow stick become excited and create a bright glow as a side effect of the reaction known as chemiluminescence.” (M2 Presswir, Jul 2008). This article states the basic science behind Chemiluminescence, but to gain more information and a better understanding it’s important to look at the chemicals that are literally doing all the work. “ The luminol reaction is similar to the one responsible for those intriguing glowing
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