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Tempest Volcano I was running down a narrow strip of land with lava all around me with a demon dog chasing behind my back. I unsheathed my sword and shouted, “φωτιά!” My sword erupted in blue flame, startling the gargantuan dog. In those few seconds I turned around pounced on the creature and slashed at it’s eyes. The sword hit the creature right in the eye. It kicked me off, pounced on me, picked me up with its massive claws, and threw me hundreds of feet into the air. It suddenly exploded into yellow dust which meant that it hadn’t died yet, but that meant that it will be gone from humans until it is reborn in the underworld. I landed awkwardly on my arm and felt a sharp jolt and heard a loud, “CRACK!” I started walking back home,…show more content…
Finally, after what seemed like hours, I spotted our destination. We discretely glided down toward the ground and landed in the forest. I was climbing down and off Pyro when a man in a dark hood emerged from behind a tree. I jumped down and pulled out my sword. The man slowly walked up to me and said, “I am only your uncle. No need to fret.” I responded,” Oh really?” Were you the one that sent me that note? He said back,” Uh-huh.” I said,” Okay.” He then pulled out a katana, held it up to the sun and screamed, “Brisinger!” The katana suddenly lit up and plasma formed all around it, illuminating the entire area. I said, “φωτιά” and my sword went up in flames. He lunged at me and slashed at my neck, so close, I could feel the plasma radiating through my skin. He attacked at me again, but this time I was ready. I parried his attack and stabbed at him. The flames from my sword however, had lit his cloak on fire. I was taught this tactic in self-defense class when I was only six years old. While he was still distracted, I ordered Pyro to scorch him, but before he had a chance, the man said,” πάγωμα “ and a beam of ice flew from his hands, freezing pyro before he could do anything. He was so concentrated on keeping pyro still, that even though I sliced at him, knocking his sword away he didn’t notice. I tied him up, gagged him and tied him up to a tree. I touched my flaming sword to the ground, lighting the ground on fire, starting

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