Review Of ' The Hauntings Of Williamsburg, Yorktown, And Jamestown Essay

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Many individuals ponder whether paranormal activity in fact does exist, or whether it is just a hallucination of the mind. Although, this may be a controversial topic, countless individuals can swear that they have witnessed a spirit with their own eyes, as others couldn’t disagree more. In the book, The Hauntings of Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown, the author uses personal encounters of witnesses to justify the presence of a spirit in a historical location. The tales the author includes pertains to people from all different classes and statuses such as, slaves, soldiers, lost-lovers, and even the prosperous individuals of Virginia. Meanwhile, the author also provides historical information, by stating the establishment of towns and informing the reader about the effects of wars, such as the Revolutionary and Civil War. The author of this book is Jackie Eileen Behrend. Jackie is the former owner of J.B tours, which is a company that offers guided tours of the historic triangle of Virginia. The most famous tour she has ever conducted is the, “Haunted Williamsburg Tour,” where she visits many places mentioned in the book, during the nighttime with a tour group. In her book, she describes some of the personal encounters she, and her tour groups were able to experience. She later moved to Ocean City, Berlin, where she is currently resided and now she tours many haunted places located in that region. (No information on Biography found) Summary of Each Town & Most

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