Review Of ' The Video ' Robin Hood '

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Text Analysis of the video: Robin Hood -Fairy tales for children
The text analyzed in this paper is story of Robin Hood of Sherwood forest. The text (story) is found on this link
This story takes place in England, during King Richard’s reign from 1189 to 1199, in the middle ages also as the medieval times (European history beginning at the downfall of Rome in 476AD until about 1500AD). During the middle ages, the form of government and society that was set up was called the feudal system. It was based on the ownership of land. While the king of a region owned all the land, he could give possession of tracts to those who worked for and pledged allegiance to him. People were separated into different classes during the middle ages. There was the nobility, or vassals, which was composed of people having hereditary title, rank and privileges. The nobility included those that worked directly for the king, mainly having the job of protecting the kingdom. Then there was the clergy, who were in charge of the spiritual needs of society. And then there were the peasantry, also called serfs, who worked for the nobles, cultivating the lands and performing the manual labor. Lastly, there were slaves. Many of the nobles owned slaves, who may have been prisoners captured in war, or people who actually sold themselves to the nobles in order to survive. The dream of the serf was to become a nobleman, and the dream of the nobleman was to

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