Review of Desire's Baby Essay

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Review of Desire's Baby

In the story "Desires baby" a baby is found next to a pillar and is
taken in by by the Valmondee couple. Monsieur and Madame Valmondee
raise Desiree as their own, Desiree grows up and falls in love with a
young man called Armand. They fall in love and get married; Armand
feels for her so much that he doesn't care the slightest about her
obscure background. They soon have a baby and are deeply in love until
Armand discovers that the child is of a different skin colour. Armand
is very unhappy as he thinks that Desiree has had an affair with one
the slaves, he forces her out and wants nothing to do with her.
Desiree becomes very distressed and cannot live without Armand
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farther died in a train crash when she was very young. Her experience
of her upbringing comes across in the story, as she seems very close
in to her adopted mother. She had five sons and one daughter with her
husband Oscar Chopin who she married in 1870. Oscar worked in the
cotton business similar to the cotton plantation of Valmondee where
Negroes worked as slaves. They lived in New Orleans where the story
was set.

After Oscar's death she took over the running of the cotton plantation
and carried on the notarise romance with a neighbour. She later
started her literacy career and published over 100 short stories,
poems, and plays. She wrote two major stories, the last of which was
widely commended and published when she died in 1894.

In the beginning of the story my first impression of Desiree is that
she was an unloved deserted chid who was believed "to have been left
purposely by a party of Texans". This is used to great effect by the
writer as straight away she creates a lot of sympathy for Desiree. We
are told she was abandoned; in another line in the paragraph it says,
" the little one woke in his arms and began to cry for "dada", that
was as much as she could do or say" this creates sympathy cause it
illustrates just how helpless she is. As well as creating sympathy

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