Review of Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee

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The play takes place in Hillsboro. It is a small fictional town that is meant to resemble Dayton, Tennessee, where the Scopes trial was held in 1925.
Major Characters
Matthew Harrison Brady - a politician and lawyer. He is the prosecuting attorney for the state against Bertram Cates and a three-time presidential candidate.
Henry Drummond - the lawyer for the defense. He is famous for taking the cases of unpopular clients.
Rachel Brown - the daughter of Hillsboro's minister and the girlfriend of the defendant, Bertram Cates. She is a teacher.

Bertram Cates - the defendant, who is a teacher. He taught his students about Charles Darwin's Origins of the Species in spite of the fact …show more content…

Tom Davenport - the town lawyer. He is represents the prosecution and assists Brady.
Judge - a man who is closed to the process of deliberation. He refuses to let Drummond call witnesses to testify about evolutionary theory. He judges the court with an obvious bias towards the state's case.
Jessie H. Dunlap - a man who is rejected from being on the jury because he believes in the Bible and in Brady in the same breath.
George Sillers - a man who is chosen to be on the jury because he leaves religion to his wife.
Harry U. Esterbrook - a radio man seen in the last act of the play
The protagonist is Henry Drummond, the lawyer for the defense of Bert Cates. He represents independent thinking and freedom from censorship.
The antagonist is Matthew Harrison Brady, the lawyer for the prosecution. He represents censorship and lack of independent thinking.

The climax occurs when Drummond puts Brady on the witness stand and proves the narrow-mindedness of the state and Brady's thinking. When Brady is made to look ridiculous, Drummond gains the support of the audience in the courtroom. Brady is visibly upset over the turn of events and can barely speak.
The play ends as a comedy. Drummond wins a moral battle over Brady and proves that everyone should have a right to independent thought, for censorship of ideas is wrong. Although Cates is proven guilty by the narrow minded

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