Review of Louisa May Alcott's Novel 'Little Women'

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Louisa May Alcott's novel Little Women has been adapted several times over for the small and silver screen. Its latest incarnation as a musical stage production would seem promising, given the character- and dialog-driven narrative contained within the original novel. However, few of its prior adaptations have been compelling enough to warrant lasting attention. The latest musical incarnation of Little Women is no exception. If nothing else, the theater production of Little Women offers audiences a chance to doze off for a few hours in the comfort of their local theater. Some might opt to leave the theater before screaming. Fault lies equally with the direction and the scriptwriter/adapter, whose vision of the Louisa May Alcott story is painfully anachronistic. Rather than re-interpret Alcott's original work for modern audiences, the writer attempts and fails to create a work of historical fiction. The costumes are dreary, making the set appear like a school play. Lighting was terribly uniform, creating sets that utterly lack texture and depth. The actors work with what they have, and some of them transcend the lowly vision they have been given by the director. However, some of the performers cannot help but to succumb to the dreadful garbage that is the Little Women stage production. Their vocal talents aside, the actor's musical performances all were flat. This is no Rogers and Hammerstein production. Some of the songs in Little Women were utterly cringe-worthy, and any

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