Rome Sweet Rome, The Q Brothers Collective Use Essay

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Many, if not all, plays are written to evoke thoughts from people in the audience. Through their scripts, authors deliver messages about their opinions on various issues ranging from gender roles to class ranks. These messages are developed to provoke thoughts and questions from people who experience performances. In the play Rome Sweet Rome, the Q Brothers Collective use both new and old theatrical techniques to make parallels between the Roman and United States governments by addressing issues involving women’s roles in society, class rank, and homosexuality. The play uses methods both similar and different to other classic plays to deliver a message that is relatable to issues in today’s world. This message is enhanced through the use of acting styles, set design, costumes, music, and lighting. The play presents a strong message to people of today’s society. Rome Sweet Rome urges the audience to consider the many parallels that can be made between the Roman government at the time of Julius Caesar and the government that we have today in the United States. The play offers opportunities for those in the audience to consider important issues that are prevalent in our world. The gender roles, homosexuality, and class rank issues brought forth in the play are all big issues that fueled the presidential candidate’s campaigns during this election. At the time of the performance here at the University of Iowa, students were being strongly encouraged to consider these issues as

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