Reviewing Godaddy Hosting And Domain Registrations

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Today we will be reviewing GoDaddy hosting and domain registrations. We will state why our readers should and shouldn’t use GoDaddy and if they choose GoDaddy is the choice for them they can receive a discount by using our affiliates banner listed at the end of this article. The following article is influenced by personal reviews from friends and staff alike.

Why should you use GoDaddy Hosting?

Affordable Starting Prices GoDaddy has very affordable hosting starting prices as low as £0.99 Per Month, however hosting renewals go upto £4.99’a month usually if not higher! GoDaddy also offers buy one year get one year free domain discounts or promotions such as £0.99 for the first year on net/com/co domains on a frequent basis. …show more content…

However, in the rare instance GoDaddy goes down because of someone else’s website receiving to much traffic, your website will also go down. This is caused by GoDaddy hosting the majority of customers on large overused mega server, this of course causes issues when the server gets overloaded which is a pretty likely scenario.

Optimises Latest Technology

GoDaddy optimises some of the latest technology including PHP 7.0 and MySQL 5.5, although it is difficult for customers to change PHP Versions. GoDaddy provides very minimal customer service for advanced technical issues such as broken databases or issues connecting to server sided databases, this may be a issue if your not tech-savvy.

Why shouldn’t you use GoDaddy Hosting?

Bad Customer Service

GoDaddy provides bad customer service and the majority of complaints regarding GoDaddy is either because of the difficult to use user interface or bad customer service.

Overpriced Renewal Fees

GoDaddy charges much higher renewal fees than its competitors and customers who purchased contracted services with GoDaddy are unwittingly forced to pay the” in some cases extreme renewal fee hikes.

Limited Payment Methods

GoDaddy accepts PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card & Wire Tranfer for most products and services. However, GoDaddy doesn’t accept PayPal which is the most commonly used payment method on any products with any kind of

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