Revolt of Mother, by Mary E. Wilkins Essay

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The story “Revolt of Mother,” by Mary E. Wilkins depicts a woman (Sarah Penn) who is constantly exempt by her husband (Adonriam Penn) in taking part in important decisions until her frustration reached a breaking point, which ultimately leads to drastic changes in their family. In contrast a similar conflict arises in the movie Sleeping With the Enemy (1991), which was directed by Joseph Ruben. In the movie the main character, Laura Burney, had everything her heart desired. On the surface she had a beautiful house, a successful husband, and any material item she could ever want. However below the surface she was really married to a possessive as well as a physically abusive husband who made all the impressive luxuries she had seem …show more content…

Gradually the reader is introduced to Adonriam and Sarah’s ambitions, which begin structuring the conflict at hand. Adonriam’s goals are obviously work driven due to the fact that he decided to build a barn instead building a better house for his family. Sarah’s growing frustration with her lack of influence in decision-making ultimately fuels her ambition to go against societies norm, and decides to strip her husband’s power. It is evident that Adonriam mentality is that his wife should take on a position of servitude, while he takes charge and makes the decisions. Sarah’s presumed role is to be the housewife with little to no power. The conflict is resolved in the last paragraphs where Sarah moves her family into the barn while her husband was gone. Sarah is definitely the winner because once her husband comes back he does not tell her anything about it, and even tearfully says, “ I’ll—put up the—partitions, an’—everything you—want, mother.” There is an absolute shift in power from Adonriam to Sarah in the end, which would also make Adonriam the loser. In Sleeping With the Enemy similar conflicts arise shortly after the movie begins. The movie saturates the viewer around the general conflict regarding the stereotypical gender roles within a marriage. The conflict is clearly evident in the very start of the movie where her husband (Martin Burney) beats his wife (Laura Burney) after he

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