Revolutionary War Causes

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In 1775, British forces in Massachusetts were ordered to disarm the American rebels and arrest the leaders. The Revolutionary War broke out on April 19, 1775 when fighting broke out the two sides (British and Americans), at the Battle of Lexington and Concord. There were many factors leading up to the war. One factor was that Stamp act. This was a factor due to the colonists having to pay a tax on every piece of paper they used. Many colonists didn’t agree on this act and other acts such as the Townshend Acts, and the Intolerable Acts. Another cause of the war was the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Blockade, and the Boston Massacre. The Boston Tea party was a protest of the Tea Act. American colonists dressed as Mohawk Indians and went on the three British ships and threw 342 chest of the into the Boston Harbor. The Boston Massacre was a street fight between British forces and American colonist, many colonist were killed. The Tea Party and Boston Massacre lead to the Boston Blockade. The British closed to ports until the American colonist payed to the tea the was dumped into the …show more content…

The Americans did believe they had a strong chance of success. They had a lot at steak. Unlike the British, they were fighting on their homeland. They knew where every hill a dip was. They also know how to move around without being noticed. Also, they were fighting a popular war-a majority of the colonists were patriots who strongly supported the fight for independence. Finally, though most Americans had no previous military experience, their militia units were usually close knit bands of men, who served together in defense of their own homes. They elected their own officers- usually men who did have some military training buy who also knew the territory well. This native morale was generally higher than morale in the Royal Army. The Americans knew where everything was and could hide in spots the British would never look, and this war, was the war Americans took

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