Revolutions of 1848: Spring of the Peoples

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The ideas of Europe have changed. The Congress of Vienna, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Code were all ideological precursors to the revolutionary epidemic that expanded throughout Europe. These conversion of ideas infected the population. Nationalism, Socialism, Liberalism, and Democracy were influencing the people's perception. Revolutions erupted in 1848; which were called the “Springtime of the Peoples.” Rebellions materialized in France, Germany, Italy, and the Austrian Empire just to name a few. The contrasting countries had various competing ideological aims, leaders, and goals. These mutinies paved the way for transformation yet were not considered as victorious revolts. There were various reasons for the populaces' defiance. The Industrial Revolution caused many economic challenges to both the rulers and the people with rapid urbanization and employment challenges to the artisan class. The population had doubled which had left everyone in a food shortage. This agricultural emergency occurred especially in Ireland which lead to an amplitude of Irish migrating to America. There was substandard harvests that raised food-prices 60%; 135% in a single year in Ireland. The financial phenomenon in the coal, iron, and railroad industries were downsizing markets. The soaring fees with decreased salaries produced agonizing impoverishment for the working classes(urban and agricultural). The middle class began to deteriorate likewise; which is when

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