Reynaldo Sepulveda Has Changed My Life

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Everyone’s life is different, especially mine. I, Reynaldo Sepulveda, have lead a constant-changing life. I am a person willing to try new things in life and make new experiences. I was born on Friday, January 4, 2002 to Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo Sepulveda. The first born child of an anchor baby and an immigrant. My parents lived in Monterrey, Mexico for nine months after marriage. I was conceived there. My life would’ve been different if I was born and raised there. When I was about two, I was showing autistic symptoms. My mom was pregnant at the time and if I was diagnosed with autism, I would be sympathetic if she was raising two newborns: A week old girl and a three year old boy. By the time I was in Pre-K, the symptoms were starting to fade
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