Rhadamanthus Mission

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Earth as it was known is no more An infectious parasitic hivemind known as ‘Rhadamanthus’ arrived on Earth and began assimilating its lifeforms, threatening to end everything. In a last ditch effort to preserve humanity, a fleet of ark ships - each loaded with cryogenically preserved humans, plants, and animals- was sent to explore the deepest reaches of space.

Their objective: find a habitable planet to colonize. However, the journey is long and treacherous, with countless threats to the mission, mutiny, hostile aliens, asteroid fields and the ever-looming threat of Rhadamanthus, who is pursuing the ark ships with intent sure their mission is never accomplished. And even if an ark ship were to find a hospitable planet, there’s no telling if there isn’t a civilization that already calls that planet home or if they’ll take kindly to outsiders. Even if the humans land on an uninhabited planets with the necessary resources, how will they know that planet is suitable for anything more than restocking? …show more content…

The mission is to keep humanity alive. Maybe not as we know it, but to keep some semblance of our race in tact. To begin anew and hope to start a new chapter of peace and prosperity for the human race. The player is among the elite few who have been elected the honor for saving Earth’s former inhabitants. With no governing system anymore, the player has the decisions left to them on what is best for humanity's survival. The fate of our race rests with their

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