Rhetoric Analysis: “From Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum

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Rhetoric Analysis: “From Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum Of Work”
Many issues in the 1900’s have been affecting jobs, social classes, and student’s education. In particular, fifth graders are being divided by their parents work level. Because this is happening, students will have unequal fairness on the outcome of the education they will receive. Jean Anyon, the author of “From Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum Of Work,” employs important concepts and powerful illustration to prove that the parents work level affects their children’s quality of education.
Anyon gives specific examples of social classes and the curriculums of grade schools. In response to a comparison of the working class school and the executive elite school, …show more content…

If I were to look at the corresponding education level to the parents of the working class, the quality would be not as good as the rest of the schools. For examples, the learning style is more geared towards mechanical with little decision making and choice. The students don’t have a lot of chances to express themselves. Children would usually have to figure out the homework instructions by themselves after the assignment was given. In the working class schools, books weren’t accessible. Typically, teachers would write on the white or chalk board. Having access to books can make homework seem more understanding and easier to refer back to a concept or problem. Another great example given by Anyon describing the working class schools is how the classes are operated. In a math class, when two digit division was first shown, the teacher would give a one minute lecture on how to solve the expression. (Pp140-141) The best ways to learn is by going through step by step process out loud and explain to the teacher how you came up with the answer.
Next, Anyon illustrates the Capitalist class. Within this class, the fathers are top executives, so therefore; the fathers might be the president or vice president of Major Corporation. For example, At&t, RCA, and American express fall under this category. The family incomes are normally around $100,000, but some can earn over $500,000. An interesting fact Anyon states is that, “The

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