Rhetoric And Environments Of Secondary Schools

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The purpose of this auto-ethnography is to examine how rhetoric and environments of secondary schools contribute to school-to-prison pipeline. In the following sections I present the reasons for engaging in this research, the purpose, goals, findings and explanation of how this research will help me achieve my career goals.
Reasons for this Project
In today’s modern society we believe that schools should be a place of inclusion and equal opportunity, but while everyone is allowed access to schooling, the education they receive is widely different. Each year the disparities between the upper and lower classes continue to grow and so does the problems within our schools. One of the biggest problems we see in our education system is the marginalization of minority youth in the school-to-prison pipeline. The school-to-prison pipeline refers to the trend that is pushing many at risk youth from low-income areas into the criminal justice system. The school-to-prison pipeline is caused by a lot of cultivating issues and society problems. At the young age of twelve I was acutely aware that there was a difference in educational opportunity due to the discrepancies between my cousin and my education. I was aware that where you live determined, to some extent, the type of schooling that you received. These opportunities then influenced career choices and every other decision that your life was based upon. As a child I was only aware of the simple differences but now as a more
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