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Rhetoric. A word many believe withholds a negative connotation in reference to politics, yet little do they know, such a small-scale word has numerous definitions. When used in a different context, it can have many different meanings. As mentioned, it is known to have a bad implication, reason being, that candidates use certain techniques towards voters in order to bash their opponents. That way, they can convince the voters that other candidates are doing things the wrong way and gain votes for their own party. I personally perceive rhetoric as an act of communication that demands a response. It is used to manipulate the audience’s point of view in favor of the speaker verbally, visually or through writing.
The term rhetoric came to life around the 8th century when sophist, who were originally poets and teachers began to spreading learning to those ready to pay. As years went by sophist focused more on expressive speech and rhetoric causing people to believe they can answer all questions. As a result, they were given the name “modern thinkers” because they knew everything, so everybody believed what they were saying. Yet Plato came along and said the sophist people were greedy people who decorated language to deceive and gain power(rhetoric). Then came along Aristotle who separated out philosophy, leaving sophism and coming to his own conclusion about rhetoric. “[The function of rhetoric] is not to persuade but to see he available means of persuasion in each case.”…

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