Rhetorical Analysis Always Like A Girl Essays

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Jaelyn Romo
English 111G
Prof. Manley

Always “Like a Girl” commercial was not only a hit in the media world, but a hit to the hearts of many women across the nation. In this commercial Always attempts to reach out and inform Americans of the damage caused to a female’s confidence when they do finally hit that age in their lives where insecurities begin to exist. Positively using their credibility and reputation to target a worldwide issue among woman so that it gains enough awareness to hopefully get fixed. Women working their whole lives to break society’s doubt so that they aren’t classified under another demeaning stereotype when asked, “What does it mean to do something ‘Like a Girl?’’’.
“Show me what it looks
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This was just a strategic way for Always to use their reputation and apply it to a cause that needed awareness.
Immediately after Always uses a form of contrast with men’s opinions, the commercial follows with comparisons. The documentarian then brings a younger generation of interviewees (little girls) and asks the same exact questions that she asked the women who have been or are going through puberty. As the audience can compare their answers, the confident responses given from the young girls expresses what Greenfield is aiming to convey. “What does it mean to run like a girl?” “It means to run as fast as you can.” The writer here then gains the trust of her audience by proving to show that she’s accurate. The statement “Like a Girl” hasn’t changed, but because of this confidence crisis the way it is interpreted, has.
What’s being said in the questions themselves that are being asked, allows the audience to really interpret and understand that this is the expectation that women live up to. Which can be seen in the commercial, is not initially very high. Greenfield uses the young boy and the man in the commercial in a logical way that allows the audience to really see how girls are not only depicted in society, but how women are also portrayed when it comes to a man’s opinion. When the little boy is asked if he just insulted his sister, filming that he was somewhat puzzled and including the take where he fumbled and
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