The Cost Of Say Yes To Convenience Summary

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As technologies have advanced to make performing day-to-day tasks easier many have become divided on if technology is helping or hurting society. Many have taken to writing to state their polar stances on the issue. This includes Eric Weiner who wrote “The Cost of Saying Yes to Convenience” and David Cain who wrote “The Danger of Convenience”. They both have similar stances on the issue however present their arguments in different ways. “The Cost of Saying Yes to Convenience” by Eric Weiner is a more effective essay than “The Danger of Convenience” by Eric Weiner because it has a good balance of rhetorical appeals, strong diction, and is organized well which allows the reader to clearly understand it. Eric Weiner illustrates a strong grasp …show more content…

He illustrates this is the quote “We live an increasingly comfortable, atomized lives… We’d also be a lot wiser if we were to embrace difficulty rather than run from it.” (Weiner 1). He presents a clear point, and leaves things open ended, which allows for the reader to draw conclusions and think on their own. This is extremely effective because since the readers are drawing their own conclusions, they self-reflect and notice how they personally can improve. Specifically his use of phrases like “embrace difficulty” make the reader want to change and make his point much more persuasive since it presents his idea in way that makes changing seem manageable. His powerful claim is also benefited by the way that he organized his essay since it makes it much easier to understand. He begins with a clear claim which allows readers to be introduced to the point and understand it. Then the strong evidence leads people to truly see the full extent of the problem, and why we need to change. Lastly, the concluding statements left the reader with things to think about, and allowed them to synthesize new information for themselves. Some may think that “The Danger of Convenience” by David Cain is a better article since it utilizes a strong emotional connection with the reader. The article may seem better since

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