Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama 's Election National Convention Address

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Rhetorical Analysis of Barack Obama
2004 Democratic National Convention Address In this paper, I choose the speech of the previous President, Barack Obama; Illinois state senator, his speech address to the 2004 Democratic National Convention marked an important moment in the trajectory of African American rhetoric. I am really impressive his speech because it was strong to affect to our emotion, our realizations and our passion for a strong America. The general theme of Barack Obama keynote address was America Dream, it a big dream and most of the people in America still keeps and develops it strongly. He used rhetoric clearly and effectively, creating a speech that had an optimistic impact on its audience: Democrats,
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And that man is John Kerry.” After that sentence, Obama repeated and emphasized John Kelly’s name, as well as his actions or his political, believes in most of the speech. Obama pointed out a lot of John’s achievements to prove and to persuade that John Kelly should be elected to a president. I think this speech also belong to the keynote speech, which served as a preface to a meeting, conference or convention and stress the important of the work to be done by those assembled. It was “America! Tonight, if you feel the same energy that I do, if you feel the same urgency that I do, if you feel the same passion that I do, if you feel the same hopefulness that I do -- if we do what we must do, then I have no doubt that all across the country, from Florida to Oregon, from Washington to Maine, the people will rise up in November, and John Kerry will be sworn in as President, and John Edwards will be sworn in as Vice President, and this country will reclaim its promise, and out of this long political darkness a brighter day will come.” I think that Barack Obama’s speech is necessary elements for the ceremonial purpose of the gathering.
The second aspect of social cohesion that will be analyzed in Obama‘s nomination speech is the selection of group values and if they are worthy of perpetuation. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, values are an amount, as of goods, services, or money, considered being a fair and suitable equivalent for something else; a fair
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