Rhetorical Analysis Of Beowulf

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The Arrival Of A Hero

In the epic poem Beowulf, a hero is born during the Anglo-Saxon era. Beowulf is known to be the “Mother Poem” of England. Beowulf develops throughout the Epic as a glorious hero. As he promises to defeat Grendel in the early portion of the poem. This creates an exciting tone for the epic. Throughout the poem, he uses both christian and pagan references. This adds a mystic understanding of his beliefs. Nevertheless, the anonymous author uses many effective rhetorical devices such as imagery, diction and tone that affects the writing.
During the epic the author uses many different styles of tone. There is a mournful feeling when Grendel visits Herot Hall and brutally attacks Hrothgar’s men. Grendel is woken up from a deep sleep to raid the hall. Thus this brought the mighty warrior Beowulf to Denmark. Once Beowulf arrives the exciting and anxious tone is created when the mighty warrior challenges Grendel to a fight on the monster’s terms. The tone then switches to a more suspenseful feeling. Grendel's mother looks to avenge the death of her son by fighting Beowulf underwater in the cave. Once Beowulf defeats Grendel’s mother, he uses a sword and decapitates Grendel and this brings a satisfying tone to the work. At the end of the work Beowulf is defeated by the flame throwing dragon this brought a saddened emotion. …show more content…

The author uses imagery throughout the poem to express the meanings. Beowulf showcases his strength with the fight with Grendel by ripping his arm off. The author also uses Herot Hall to represent a place for good. Herot hall is made up of gold, wood, and iron. However Battle Hall, which represents hell and pure evil. Beowulf sunk several hours to reach the end of the cave where the “greedy sea-wolf” greeted him with claws. A key symbol is the epic was the sword of Beowulf. The sword represents honor and heroism. Nevertheless, he uses his sword to perform countless heroic

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