Rhetorical Analysis Of ' Cleaning : The Final Feminist Frontier

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Rough Draft: Rhetorical Analysis Letter Dear Jessica Grose author of, Cleaning: The Final Feminist Frontier, First of all, I would like to extend my appreciation to you for addressing one of the major issue being faced by many American women and women across the world. Your argument’s validity is clear as the men in American society hardly participate in house cleaning and they prefer to take care of children or dishes such small tasks than splitting the housework. In contrasting with men and women’s participation in house cleaning, I think you have successfully used ethos, pathos and logos to both sides of men and women perspective across the world. In detailed, you started off using of pathos by a story which describes a specific …show more content…

Statics shows that women deserve some help in cleaning because they are humans and they do probably double or more of housework than men do. Therefore, you were able to successfully bring the attention of your audience by appealing to logos. Moving further from your appeal to logos, I would like to address how you appealed to ethos the audience learned that how you were cleaning your house even when you were ‘eight months pregnant.’ The audience knows that your husband like most husbands argue with you when it comes to cleaning even though you were pregnant. It is a common knowledge that men would look for excuses when it comes to house cleaning as you mentioned in your article they admit “because it sucks.” As women, you will remain alone to clean your home mostly alone. It is becoming a full-time job that only you are responsible for cleaning again and again, every time when your husband and children make a mess. In addition, you are a part time working women and then you have the responsibility of cleaning your house as well and you manage to do it without having a single line on your forehead just like all the women do. Moreover, throughout the article, you continued to build great arguments. For example, you used credible sources by sociologists

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