Rhetorical Analysis Of George W. Roosevelt Speech

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December 7th 1941- A date that will live in infamy.” This is the name of one of the most famous speeches given in American history. This speech was given by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The speech was given as a response of the bombing of Pearl Harbor making it an event that no one can forget. It was this speech that declared America would be brought into World War Two. It sanctified America’s status as the primary world superpower for the next fifty years. Given the day after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, this speech was given to try and persuade Congress to declare war on Japan. The country was still in awe after hearing the news of the bombing and the tone of the speech was similar to the one that George W. Bush delivered following the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers/World Trade Centers. Although the primary purpose of this speech was to persuade Congress, it was also used to televise nationally and serve the secondary purpose of urging the American people to want to fight against Japan as well. FDR’s use of both pathetical and logical proofs showed extremely effective in stirring up America to declare war and fight against The Japanese Empire. President Roosevelt used Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, or all three of the emotional appeals.
One of the emotional appeals that FDR uses is ethos. As the President of the United States, he is viewed as a plausible source for trustworthy information. At the time that this speech was given, FDR was towards the end

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