Rhetorical Analysis Of Gucci Advertising

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Oversexualizing models and actors for the purpose of selling a profitable item has become one of societies hottest topics over the years. By using visual rhetoric to appeal to the consumer, an attempt to make them purchase the product is aided by purchasers wanting to fulfill any fantasies relating to what is represented in the advertisement. This can be for things such as fitness, hobbies, or even more simplistic items like clothes or cosmetics. The ad for Gucci Guilty showcases two models, perfectly posed and photographed to present a specific image about the fragrance and its brand. The product sits in the corner of the photo, accompanied by a simplistic caption. The different rhetorical techniques for photographic composition, visible product placement, along with targeting a specific type of person are used to emphasise this advertisements underlying message regarding sexual appeals. The photograph's composition is the most noticeable of the rhetorical techniques used to sell this product. The harsh darkness of the background contrasts with the well lit models who fill the frame, drawing focus to their seductive looks, as if they are in the middle of an intimate or personal moment. The product itself is in the lower left-hand corner, accompanied by the caption, “The new fragrance for him.” The man, who happens to be a well known celebrity Chris Evans, stands over the woman, staring down the camera, exuding dominance. All the while she is focused on him, leaning

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