Rhetorical Analysis Of Hate Speech Laws

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A Rhetorical Analysis on “In Europe, Hate Speech Laws are Being used to Silence Left Wing Beliefs,” In light of the recent events in Charlottesville, where a white supremacist rally turned violent, the argument on whether or not hate speech should be banned has become increasingly more relevant in America. Those supporting the ban argue that this kind of speech eventually creates a society that doesn’t accept the affected minorities as equals, and can shame them into silence. On the other side, people argue this would infringe upon free speech rights. In Glenn Greenwald’s article, “In Europe, Hate Speech Laws are Being used to Silence Left Wing Beliefs”, he addresses how this ban might affect left-wing activism, and the fallacies in the arguments supporting the ban. Greenwald mainly relies on logos to back up his thesis; that a hate speech ban would not work in America. The problem he faces with this as his argument is that it makes the assumption that these same issues would arise in America. Other than a brief mention of his time as a lawyer to back up one talking point, there is very little ethos. While his tone throughout the article feels very neutral and informative, he makes poor use of logos, leading to an ineffective argument.
In the article, Greenwald focuses on trying to make an argument for why free speech should be protected, even if that speech is hateful. Greenwald argues this point mainly by showing a collage of examples where hate speech infringed upon

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