Rhetorical Analysis Of 'I Am The Supreme'

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The most apparent form or rhetoric as resistance against AHS: Coven is through lyrics is “I am the supreme.” The supreme was the lead witch and posed any power imaginable. All of the witches in the academy wanted to be the next supreme because of all of the power that came with it. However, only those specific witches in that coven were entitled to that power. This lyric was meant to change emotion and starts discussion. In AHS: Coven all of the women who were previous supremes were white. Women of color were not allowed to be the supreme. We saw this through the show when the entire coven emphasized that they were the next supreme vocally except for Queenie, the black witch. Princess Nokia took that ideology and challenged it. She took back agency by declaring herself the supreme. The supreme was chosen at random so there was no way of acquiring the position except by luck. However, the voodoo queen, the black equivalent to the supreme, had to fight and sacrifice to earn her power. She studied for many years in order to learn how to master magic. She lost her son because the Papa Legba wanted her to focus fully on her craft. Papa Legba then stole her child so that she would have no distractions since she had no one else to focus on. She is the voodoo queen because of her knowledge and time that she put into the craft not because she was chosen by luck. Princess Nokia emphasizes this when she shows the older bruja in the music video. She countered the notion that brujas gain
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