Rhetorical Analysis Of Karen Thompson Walker's 'Moby Dick'

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In Karen Thompson Walker’s presentation she tells a story about men who were stranded in the Pacific Ocean after the Essex ship was struck and sunk by a sperm whale. The sailors had to come to a decision while they were in fear, which would decide their life or death moment. Karen points out that accommodates imagination , and uncertainty . Walker states that our fears can make us ponder about what could happen in the future. She displays ethos by saying fear is made out from our very own imagination, pathos by sharing her own experiences with fear when she was a child, and logos by focusing on the topic of the stranded sailors at sea and how they had to make a decision at a terrifying moment. In this TED talk video, the necessity of it is because in general public it is told to ignore fear instead of using it as a tool in life, which prompts us for not being well prepared with having something going on all around us. Additionally, our disposition to accept control and we compose more clear however nonsensical worries as opposed to the more honest yet sensible ones. Karen Thompson Walker uses cases of fear to portray this from standard society today, including critical instances of affairs the world appearances, for instance, moderate ecological change and coronary ailment, getting her point across to her group that she has identified as her audience, which is 21st century Americans. Walker develops ethos in the video by using a historic story "Moby Dick" which was a

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